Elena in Paris
Elena and the Priest
Elena and Duncan
Elena and the Samurai
Elena in New York
Elena in Argentina
Forever is Not Enough
Trust I
Trust II
A Matter of Trust
The Rescue Party
Last Tango At Joe's
Elena and Methos
An Angry Adolescence
Wolfgang's Tale
Shades of White
Ordeal in Argentina
Ordeal in New York
Richie in Argentina
Holy Night
Interlude in New York
Richie in New York
Invisible Darkness
Natural Language
Breaking Silence

Elena & Corazon Negro
The Black Flower
The Fifth Sun
Master and Slave
Through Snake's Eyes
The Rose on Fire
Forever is Not Enough
Ancient Enemy
Until the End of Time

Elena & HL3 Universe
His Better Half
The Only Game in Town

Not Necessarily Elena
The Right Road
The Kurgan
Miracle on Hudson Street
The Meeting I
The Meeting II
The Meeting III
Love Not Lost
My So-Called Immortality
Late One Night
Ringing in the New Year
A Gaelic Blessing
And a Star to Steer Her By
Richie in New York


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Julio César
Sue Factor
RJ Ferrance

Mikal Fox

Janeen Grohsmeyer
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Rosemary Crew

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Duncan MacLeod Stories

Elena and the Priest  by Vi Moreau (112 Kb) 
Father Roberto Carreras is a priest, a pacifist ... and an Immortal.  But when Immortal Cana Rivera chooses to go after Father Carreras' head, Elena Duran must make a choice: the rules of The Game or the teachings of Christ.

Elena  by Vi Moreau  (177 Kb) (Violence, Sex, Profanity)
At Charlie DeSalvo's funeral in 1995, Duncan MacLeod and Richie Ryan meet the Argentine Immortal Elena Duran, who has been killing Watchers and Hunters alike to avenge the death of her pregnant friend, Maria Alonso.  Elena's next target is Joe Dawson--or Duncan MacLeod, if he gets in her way.

Elena in Paris  by Vi Moreau  (147 Kb) (Violence, Sex, Profanity)
The same group of Hunters who killed Maria Alonso, Elena Duran's lover, is now after the world's oldest Immortal.  Still seeking revenge, Elena is eager to join her new friends Duncan, Richie, and Amanda as they try to save Methos.

Elena and Duncan  by Vi Moreau (292 Kb) (Violence, Sex, Profanity)
The Australian Immortal Robert Trent is hunting, and he doesn't fight one-on-one.  He hunts with a pack, and Trent's new targets are Elena Duran, Duncan MacLeod, and Richie Ryan.

Elena and the Samurai  by Vi Moreau  (315 Kb) (Violence, Sex, Profanity)
Seeking inner peace, Elena Duran returns to Japan, where she once studied Aikido with the famous O'Sensei. Instead, she gets involved with a young pre-Immortal girl and with a warrior from another time, the samurai Hosokawa Hiroshi.  When she chooses to return to Seacouver and to Duncan MacLeod, Hosokawa decides he wants her and follows her.

Bethel Stories

Elena in New York by Vi Moreau  (298 Kb) (Violence, Rape, Profanity)
While on a visit to New York City in 1996 with Duncan, Elena is drugged, captured, then tortured by Claude Bethel, an insane Immortal.  Connor and Duncan try to find Elena before she loses her head--or her mind.

Elena in Argentina  by Vi Moreau (235 Kb) (Violence, Rape, Profanity)
Elena Duran still has her head, but she's lost a great deal of herself.  She returns home to Argentina to recuperate with Duncan at her side.  But Bethel is undeterred by her protectors, Duncan and Connor--and he wants her back

Confidante by Vi Moreau and Janeen Grohsmeyer  (352 Kb) (Violence, Rape, Profanity)
Still recovering from her ordeal with Bethel, Elena Duran gets a visit from Cassandra, an ancient Immortal who has faced even worse than Elena.  But is Cassandra a friend who wants to help, or yet another enemy who wants Elena's head while she's down? (Includes a flashback to pre-Immortal Elena.)

Stephen Holz Stories

Trust I  by Vi Moreau  (242 Kb)   (Violence, Sex, Profanity)
Elena and Duncan take in a pre-Immortal boy after his Immortal 'father' is beheaded--right in front of him.

Trust II by Vi Moreau   (253 Kb)   (Violence, Sex, Profanity)
Stephen, the pre-Immortal boy Elena adopts, is kidnapped by an Immortal bent on revenge against Elena.  To make things worse, the kidnapper turns out to be a "good" friend of Connor MacLeod.

A Matter of Trust  by RJ Ferrance and Vi Moreau  (487 Kb)
In a world ruled by the Game, trust doesn't come easily.  But when young Stephen becomes seriously ill, Elena has to entrust her pre-Immortal son's life to Dr. Matt Brennan--another Immortal. (Includes Anne Lindsey, Joe Dawson, Duncan MacLeod)

Joe Dawson Stories

The Rescue Party by Vi Moreau and Sue Factor (82 Kb)
Elena and Richie and Joe on a very short road trip.

Last Tango at Joe's by Vi Moreau (56 KB)
Playing a cat-and-mouse game, an Immortal has been stalking Elena Duran.  She finally meets him outside Joe's Bar, while Connor MacLeod and Joe Dawson wait inside to see who emerges the victor.

Methos Stories

Elena and Methos by Vi Moreau (431 Kb) (Violence, Sex, Profanity)
Pursued by an ancient and dangerous enemy across continents and centuries, Methos seeks Immortal assistance and moral support from Duncan, Connor, Elena, and Richie.

An Angry Adolescence  by Vi Moreau  (138 KB)
When Elena Duran is stalked by a dangerous Immortal headhunter, Wolfgang van Pellt, she entrusts the life of her pre-Immortal adopted son, Stephen, to Methos. Will Methos use his sword in Stephen's defense--or will Methos be driven to behead the arrogant and obnoxious teenager himself?

Wolfgang's Tale  by Tanja Kinkel (13 KB)
Wolfgang warns his student Ludwig about the evil immortals Elena Duran and Duncan MacLeod, plus an annoying British Immortal who's a beer fanatic.

Intermezzo by Vi Moreau  (24 KB)
The threat from the German Immortal is past--Elena is healed, and her son, Stephen Holz, is safe.  But there's still someone in Paris who's a danger to Elena Duran:  the oldest Immortal.

Shades of White by Tanja Kinkel and Vi Moreau (212 Kb)
Ludwig sets out to avenge his teachers Ingrid Henning and Wolfgang van Pellt.

Ordeal in Argentina by Suzanne Herring and Vi Moreau (172 KB) PG-15
Richie tours the nightlife of Buenos Aires with Connor's son, John MacLeod, and Elena's son, Stephen, in tow.

Richie Ryan Stories

Ordeal in New York by  Suzanne Herring and Vi Moreau (136 KB) PG-13
John MacLeod learned the ugly secret of Immortality while visiting Elena in Argentina, and when he returns to New York City to see his father, Connor MacLeod, John learns even more.

Richie in Argentina by Suzanne Herring and Vi Moreau (149 KB)
After John leaves Argentina, Richie is forced to decide who his friends are.

Holy Night by  Vi Moreau (12 KB)
On Christmas Eve, Richie Ryan finds himself fighting for his life, high in the South American Andes.  A different kind of Christmas story.

Interlude in New York by Suzanne Herring and Vi Moreau (27 KB)
With his son, John, gone for Christmas, Connor isn't in the mood for company, not even Duncan's.

Richie in New York  by Suzanne Herring and Vi Moreau) (310 Kb)
Richie and Connor take a bite out of the Big Apple. 

Elena's Seclusion Stories

Invisible Darkness by Janeen Grohsmeyer and Vi Moreau (112 Kb) (Violence, Profanity)
In 1995, Elena Duran tortured and killed Hunters and Watchers to avenge the murder of her friend Maria.  In 2008, the widow of one of those Watchers seeks her own revenge.   (Includes Connor and Methos)

Merciless  by Suzanne Herring and Vi Moreau (120 Kb)
Elena Duran's world falls apart.   (Includes Connor, Duncan, Emma Cuzo)

Natural Language by Suzanne Herring and Vi Moreau (45 Kb) (Sex, Profanity)
Connor MacLeod discovers that the only language a man and a woman need to communicate comes to them naturally.

Breaking Silence by Vi Moreau  (69 Kb)
In 2011, Methos visits Elena in a convent, but doesn't get very far with her.

The Corazón Negro Universe

Forever is Not Enough by Vi Moreau and Julio César (173 Kb)
The needs of the many are more important than the needs of the few. Elena & Corazón Negro say good bye ... perhaps forever.

The Black Flower by Vi Moreau  (358 Kb)
Before the destruction of his entire world, Corazón Negro heard the prophecy of the Black Flower and swore to protect it...with his life if necessary. Years later at her father's estancia in colonial Argentina, Elena Durán meets the mysterious Aztec Immortal and two Immortal brothers from Spain, who were raised by her father. The result: her first Immortal battle.

The Fifth Sun by Vi Moreau and Julio César (256 Kb)
When time is no more, even after death there is still life.  After the 1985 Mexico City earthquake, Elena Durán searches for Corazón Negro--and finds that an ancient evil has been unearthed.

Master and Slave by Julio César (271 Kb)
Inside the primal depths of their subconscious minds, Elena & Corazón Negro fear the Dark. Regardless, this time, the Hunt will begin, and the Heads are going to roll.  Elena & Corazón Negro battle for their lives--and their souls. 

Through Snake's Eyes by Vi Moreau (199 Kb)
Corazón Negro tells Elena about his birth and his relation with Quetzalcóhuatl.

The Rose on Fire by Julio César (287 Kb)
Searching for peace, Elena & Corazón Negro are in Paris visiting Darius in 1986. But soon they discover that no matter where they are, the Game will always find them. Especially when a renegade assassin from Alamut is hunting them.  Includes Grayson.

Ancient Enemy by Vi Moreau  and Julio César (??? Kb)
In 1998, Corazón Negro meets Cassandra.

Until the End of Time by Vi Moreau  and Julio César (??? Kb)
Corazón Negro visits Elena in a convent.

Bene-Ha-Elohim by Julio César (??? Kb)
They are called the Ancient Gathering, and they are Immortals, neither human or Gods, but both inside legends. Their secret fight against each other has reached its end. Their weapons are courage and swords. Their battlefield is our world. Their Game plan is the same for either side: rule … or die.

Ha-Satan by Vi Moreau  and Julio César (292 Kb)
Lilitu plots to rule the world as its sole master; the Ancient Gathering must find all its members in order to stop her. But time is running out ... and Mother will do anything in her power to destroy them ...

Ehyer-Asher-Ehyer by Vi Moreau  and Julio César (870 Kb)
Somewhere beyond the boundaries of land & sky, exists a place of mystery ... open it ... watch it ... and feel the eternal night of the Immortals while you still can ... because if Lilitu succeeds and controls it, unimaginable terror will be unleashed upon the world ... and remember: this time it will take nine Immortals to defeat the ultimate evil ... and perhaps, in the end, there can be more than one. What began in The Black Flower finishes here--almost--and its ending will determine the fate of every Immortal in the world.

HL3 Universe

His Better Half  by Vi Moreau (132 Kb)
A century ago, Connor MacLeod beheaded a Southern belle, and now her husband is seeking revenge--and Connor's wife, Alex.  Elena and Duncan get caught in the crossfire.

Duende (58 Kb)
(By Vi Moreau and Janeen Grohsmeyer, published as part of "Hope Triumphant")
Elena leaves her husband behind to go on a Mediterranean cruise, then meets Methos by the pool.

The Only Game in Town by Vi Moreau and Janeen Grohsmeyer  (221 Kb)
In January 2007, Elena visits Edinburgh and brings the Game home to Connor MacLeod's family.

Not Elena Stories

The Kurgan  by Vi Moreau  (91 Kb)
Connor MacLeod beheaded the Kurgan.  But he's back...

The Meeting I by Vi Moreau (29 Kb)
While out shopping for apples, Connor MacLeod meets a new Immortal in New York City.  Or is the Immortal as new as he seems?

The Meeting II by Vi Moreau (43 Kb)
Soon after his wife Brenda's funeral, Connor MacLeod has another meeting with Adam Pierson.

The Meeting III by Vi Moreau (166 Kb)
Connor MacLeod and Methos have a chance meeting in Texas.

Love Not Lost by  Vi Moreau (57 Kb) (PG-15, Violence)
When Tessa Noel and Richie Ryan visit New York City, Connor MacLeod is happy to show Duncan's lover and future student around the town. In return for Connor's thoughtfulness, Tessa gives him a special gift--one he never expected to receive.

Late One Night by Vi Moreau  (13 Kb)
A game of poker with Methos, Connor, Duncan, Richie, and Amanda.

Ringing in the New Year by  Rosemary Crew  (34 Kb)  (PG-13, Profanity)
Alone in his loft on New Year's Eve in 1998, Connor receives some unexpected visitors--and an unexpected birthday present.

A Gaelic Blessing by  Vi Moreau (25 KB)
On their way to a quiet drink in Manhattan, Connor MacLeod and Methos meet a damsel in distress who doesn't need as much help as they thought. Connor MacLeod uses an old Gaelic blessing to help solve the young woman's problem.

Other Great HL Authors

And A Star to Steer Her By  by  Suzanne Herring (??? KB) (Sex, Profanity, Violence) 
In 2005, Connor MacLeod takes a student--Jill MacCormick, astronaut and new Immortal.  Connor tells Jill she must surrender all her dreams of space and replace them with the sword.  She most emphatically does not agree.

Miracle on Hudson Street by  Suzanne Herring (??? Kb)
Connor MacLeod's Christmas.

My So-Called Immortality by Mikal Fox  (??? Kb)   (Profanity, Violence, Rape)
Connor MacLeod has girl trouble, of the killer kind.  When estranged protegé Emma Cuzo threatens his friends and former students, he must decide how far he'll go to stop her--if he can find her in time.

The Right Road by Mikal Fox (??? Kb)
Connor MacLeod is about to face his first Immortal Challenge, and Ramirez comes to give him some advice.

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